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    Film. Gaming. Virtual Reality.

    We develop innovative mixed reality experiences for digital distribution to major hollywood studios, creative agencies and fortune 500 companies.

  • 20+ years in immersive TV, film
    and game content development.

    Our clients range from global Hollywood studios to creative ad agencies.

  • A team of story tellers and creative artists who creates incredible mixed reality experiences .

    We specializes in virtual and mixed reality and have a large network of producers, filmmakers, writers and artists to bring your vision to life.

More About Us

Latest Projects.

Check out some of the most innovative projects ranging from Films, Games to Virtual and Mixed Reality.

Professional Services.

Film, entertainment, virtual reality and desiging the future is in our DNA.

Film Production.

We have significant experience in writing, producing and directing several award winning films. We can help you manage all aspects of your film production pipeline - script writing, storyboarding, concept design, production, filming, post-production services, color correction, VFX and distribution.

Virtual Reality.

We have spent a better part of our careers in creating immersive and engaging experiences using mixed and virtual reality. We have significant experience in helping with - Powerful Immersive Design, Rapid Prototyping, 3D UI Design, and Stereoscopic 3D Graphics.

Game Design and Development.

A significant number of our team members have been gamers their entire life and with the film and virtual reality background, we have been able to taking the traditional forms of game development to a whole new level by creative immersive and engaging games for mobile, web and consoles.


We have significant experience in the art of 2D and 3D animation ranging from creating ads to engaging children's entertainment content. We can assist with 3D modeling, rendering, shading, storyboarding, design and production.

VFX and Motion Graphics.

We are one of the leaders in next generation VFX and Motion Graphics. We have worked on some of the largest award winning film projects in Hollywood to create high-end special effects and motion graphics.

Content Development.

We have extensive experience with writers, filmmakers and game creators and and managing creative teams to develop original content.

About Us.

Our team has significant experience in developing innovative mixed reality experiences for distribution. We have over 5 decades in the industry where we have led television, film and game production initiatives. We are the pioneers in virtual reality technology. We have extensive experience with writers, filmmakers or game creators and has experience managing creative teams. We love to create imaginative worlds with unique stories that take entertainment to a whole new level.

Interested in working with us?

We can help you manage large scale content development, film production, game development and virtual reality projects to help you transform your vision into a massively immersive and entertaining experience.

  • The team is truly visionary in terms of the creative ideas that they develop and how they brings our vision to life. Their over 5 decades of experience in film production, media and entertainment is invaluable. It's an abosolute pleasure to work with them.

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    Jerry Global Head of Creative, Film Studio.
  • This team has done an incredible job of creating unique mixed reality experiences for our studio and creative agency. Their imagination is their strongest quality and their ability to executive in an organized and timely manner has won high praises.

    Author image
    Silas CEO, Creative Studio and Ad Agency.

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